Class 5. Game Studies

Improved version of class agenda -- student co-created

Original class structure


How does the role of the learner change when using games to teach?


Salon, Brock present Northeast studies findings, brainstorm ideas and present preview of lesson plan projects with standards.

Questions for Salon:

What are the most important learning elements that Gee describes?
  • Do games make you violent -- link to Jade's reflection
  • What is he trying to get at when he talks about feeling learning disabled?
  • How do we design the learning elements into regular classroom instruction?
  • How can we create the motivation to entice to kids to engage?
  • What do teachers need to become designers?
  • How do teachers create clear guidance when designing their curriculum content?
From Ong
How can we link content and video games together to make it a meaningful experience for the students and the teachers?
What criterias do we need to determine which kind of content to use with video games?
What do teachers need to focus on when teaching comprehension skills?

Key terms:

platform games, new literacy, traditional literacy, comprehension, agency, identity, situation models, event indexing, secondary sources, strategies vs. being strategic

Due for Class 5:

Read Gee chapters 8 & 9. 41 pages / Blog 5 summary of readings/ wiki 5