Class 3. Games, discourse, values, and culture

Class 3. Games, discourse, values, and culture


Are games and gamers stereotyped? Do they belong in school?


Present wiki 2, Buzzwords, what's that thing?, DDR Process Paper, WCCO video, online resources, begin games studies unit: planning, story structure analysis, usability, presentation, game journal

Questions for Salon:

  • How do we make students more agentic?
  • What is the importance of identity? Can a person’s academic identity exclude them from success?
  • Are traditional notions of student identity standing in the way we teach?
  • Do activities that align with student identities like games influence engagement?
  • How do games engage?

Key terms:

serious games, learning, play, motivation, engagement, leverage, description, composition, identity, agency, discourse, representation & simulation, communication, goals & process.

Due for Class 4:

Read Dubbels Developing traditional notions of comprehension with new literacy activities in informal learning environments. 23 pages
Read: Gamasutra, Game Design: Theory and Practice, The elements of gameplay by Ricahrd Rouse. 8 pages

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