The Merchants of Cool

how a learning disability acquires a child

What’s That Thing?
1 drawer/guesser – writes on the board, but describer can’t see the drawing, can ask about the item, but not what it is or what it is for
1 describer – has an item the drawer/guesser can’t see
Work together so drawer/guesser can tell what the item the describer has

Video Games Unit
Literary elements as group

Major things happening – elder scrolls iv: oblivion
Dramatic title

Setting up background
Personal story giving background info

First after 3 page paper:
Break into manageable chunks
Give directions on what is most important to do first
Develop a work plan

Play a game (in class) decide on the game as a group
Write what we experience while playing a game

This weekend
Read 2 articles
Read article & summarize