Final Presentation of Learning[[image:/vertical/Sites/%7BE144044A-AC3C-4493-AB9E-9A757546DEBD%7D/uploads/%7BB84D3831-DD95-4DED-9092-7A5E7EF34502%7D_Web.jpg width="175" height="254" caption="Book Cover" link="vertical/Sites/{E144044A-AC3C-4493-AB9E-9A757546DEBD}/uploads/{B84D3831-DD95-4DED-9092-7A5E7EF34502}.JPG"]]
Final Presentation of Learning

I. Reflection/Connection to Reading & Class work
a. Good Video Games + Good Learning
i. Many controversial statements and opinions, especially for me as an educator.
ii. A lot of good learning principles and instructional ideas that are either already being implemented or should be.
b. Class Work
i. Games like Last Supper and Odd Man Out proved both fun and educational when used in the right context.
ii. Guided discussions proved informational regarding comprehension models, gaming ideas, and literacy.
iii. Blogs and wikis were all new experiences for me. It was very interesting and informative to read and summarize classmates’ writing – also a new experience.

II. Application

a. Fourth Grade Rats by Jerry Spinelli
i. Read and act out different parts/sequences
ii. Read and discuss/create how this would look as a movie
iii. Read and discuss/create how this would look as a game
iv. Tie game/movie/acting elements into story elements
1. Spatial & Temporal Framework (setting)
2. Entities (characters)
3. Properties of Entities (description of characters)
4. Relational Information (relationships within text)

III. Connection to Standards
Speaking and Listening: The student will demonstrate understanding and communicate effectively through listening and speaking. The students will demonstrate this stnadard through small group discussions that eventually lead to the production of a play/game/movie.
Handwriting and Word Processing: The student will write legibly and use a keyboard. The students will demonstrate this standard when writing their final version of the play/game/movie.
Spelling, Grammar, and Usage: The student will apply Standard English conventions when writing. The students will need to demonstrate this standard in thier final writing.
Elements of Composition: The student will engage in writing, with attention to organization, focus and quality of ideas. Students will demonstrate this standard while composing thier final writing, attention to these elements is crucial as they relate thier piece to the story.
Literature: The student will actively engage in the reading process and read, understand, respond to, analyze, interpret, evaluate and appreciate a wide variety of fiction, poetic and nonfiction texts. Students will demonstrate this standard as actively engaging in the text is important in order to analyze and interpret story themes and incorporate them in thier own writing.
Comprehension: The student will understand the meaning of texts, using a variety of strategies, and will demonstrate literal, interpretive, inferential and evaluative comprehension. The students will need to demonstrate this standard as comprehension of the text is mandatory to complete the final writing.
Vocabulary Expansion: The student will use a variety of strategies to expand reading, listening and speaking vocabularies. The students will demonstrate this standard in their daily discussions of the text and how it relates to their final writing.

IV. Relations Reflections
a. Individual Work
i. As mentioned earlier, “blogging” was a brand new experience to me, and I would say it proved as Gee would call it “pleasurably frustrating.” After I started getting the hang of it, entering information, links, and pictures became enjoyable.
ii. Working on the “wiki” was also new for me, and I was glad that we had a “tutorial” in class because the first night I tried to wiki without “reading the instructional manual” and although I enjoyed playing around and discovering new things, I didn’t post my wiki response correctly.
b. Group Work
i. Working with my group on the video game analysis was a great experience. As individuals we worked well together within our roles (“cop”, “spy”, etc.) for the better good.
ii. The blogging and wiki action was also a good experience with my group as we worked well together to get our blogs done promptly, with each member contributing great ideas.
c. Overall
i. I feel I learned a good deal about integrating new ideas and concepts into my classroom, while playing games, video games, doing group work, or just simply planning and leading a lesson or activity.
ii. Based on the knowledge gained from this course I feel as if I reached my goals and the class was a success.