Class 7. The big picture -- Final Meeting


What can and will games do to educational settings?


Salon, WoW, present learning.

Questions for Salon:

  • Can games be used in the classroom?
  • if we “just turn learners loose in rich environments”, do you think they will slow down and become better comprehenders?
  • Will games change the way we teach? If so, will schools need to change?
  • What kind of life are we preparing our kids for? What do you predict for them?
  • Is there a conflict of interest between games and other types of media? Do you think there could be an agenda to promote games as being the cause of a violent society? What can we do to develop the ability to discuss rather than letting kids go Jerry Springer on each other?
  • Can games teach literacy, history, science, mathematics, engineering, medicine?
  • Great! So Jim Gee wants us to use games. Is he going to buy them for me?
What about my lab? What about my principal and my parents? What can I do
  • Do you think Japanese children play more violent games then American Children?
  • How can teachers get students to become co-designers and active in their learning?
  • Are game designers really thinking the player is going to think critically
    and reflectively about the questions the game ask?
    On page 31 Gee states that, "The whole curriculum should be shaped by the
    learners' actions and react back on the learners in meaningful ways." This
    can be done easily in a game with one individual player against the machine.
    In a classroom setting it is difficult for a teacher to have different
    arrangements for each individual student when they are given a curriculum
    that places all students on the same level. How would a teacher with a
    class of thirty or more student's manage to adjust to each students learning
    styles, levels, and actions with an immediate action?(JADE'S BLOG)

  • Key terms:

platform games, new literacy, traditional literacy, comprehension, agency, identity, situation models, event indexing, secondary sources, strategies vs. being strategic