two reading inventories: three? four?
-reading self-perception - online (self-graded, SurveyMonkey)
-reading self-evaluation

-content reading inventories CRI
-fluency scale

how to change the class culture
-have kids more interested in staying in class than distracting lesson or leaving class

reading is-thinking cued by text

Look up: the bitch test

high comp/low fluency - early success, books they can read - simplified texts (not infantilized)
low comp/high fluency - writing guided journals, make connections

co-create a rubric with students - clapping academy
option to improve upon work - mastery

give students time to stop and think about what they were thinking - reflection

McKenna, M. C., Stahl, S. A. (2003). Assessment for Reading Instruction.

Final Presentation on Learning
Reflection on what was learned.
To be done in class.
5 minutes per student.

readings: relate to others' blogs, salon question, Gee
application: talk about a projected lesson, have a game in mind, theoretical description of what you'll do with the game
standards: which standards will the lesson meet?
integrate reading & instruction comprehension
relations: reflect on work as an individual, success & goal summaries


For tomorrow:
Read Gee & summarize.
Create an outline for new site layout which is meaningful for teachers.