Class 2. Games for delivering content

Objective: How can we use games to guide us in delivering content?


Present wiki 1, Analog Multi player Game, Pet Pals, ACLS Interactive, salon, assign jigsaw & learning roles.

Questions for Salon:

  • What is the role of attention in learning?
  • What does the mind do when it comprehends? How does it comprehend best?
  • What kinds of prior knowledge are there that might help someone comprehend?
  • What is a model? What is representation? How is play representation?
  • How can we embody curriculum in activity?
  • How can we reach struggling readers with complex ideas?
  • Should learning be fun? What is the role of play? Should we just let kids play?
  • How are video games like the mind?
  • What is the purpose of simulation and modeling? Should we be doing it in school? How?
  • What is good learning according to Gee? Do you agree? Is it reasonable?

Key terms:

serious games, learning, play, identity, agency, discourse, representation & simulation, communication, goals & process.

Due for Class 3:

Read Chapters 2, 3, & 6 in Text 22 pages / Blog 2 summary of readings